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Evaluations are important for us to assess your child’s needs and create a plan for therapy, and are required for therapy. If your child already has had an occupational therapy evaluation, we will honor that. We also offer Re-Evaluations to re-assess status as requested. 


Evaluation Types

  • Level 1: Ages 0-18 years. Play based and clinical observations, recommendations. Short written report. 90 minutes.
  • Level 2: Ages 2-18 years. Structured and unstructured clinical observations, reflex testing, parent/child questionnaires. Written report with recommendations. 90 minutes. 
  • Level 3: Ages 4-18 years. A battery of age appropriate standardized evaluations, clinical observations, reflex testing, parent/school/child questionnaires. Extensive written report with recommendations, followed by review of report with parents. 90-120 minutes. 


Level 1: $400     Level 2:  $600      Level 3: $900

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