AboutPlay has been a calm to our storm.


Group Format

Group therapy services are offered in 6 and 8 week groups throughout the year at AboutPlay. We help to create, build on, and scaffold social interactions, establish comfort being in a group, improve sensory processing skills, improve self-regulation skills, and more.

We have a range of fun themes, and currently serve ages 5-10. We have a very low child to adult ratio for support as needed, usually averaging 3:1 and sometimes 2:1.

See schedule for dates

6 Week Groups

Superheroes and Ninjas

Your child will explore how to discover and connect with superpowers and super skills to help improve body awareness, mental flexibility, connection with peers, and team building. Dress up play is a fun bonus for this group, materials provided at the studio. 


A fun and interactive group including yoga and social team building exercises to introduce your child to yoga, or to help your seasoned yogi expand his or her skills. Help your child develop a center of calm, breath work, and mental and physical flexibility. 

Cost: $360

See schedule for dates

8 Week Groups

Sensational Kids

Your child will learn about their seven senses in this fun and interactive group–the extra senses being our sense of position (proprioception) and our sense of balance (vestibular). Your child will learn about and expand on the importance of each sense in order to develop self-regulation skills, which greatly help with emotional regulation.

Tool Kit Club

Your child will make and take home various sensory “tools” for sensory and emotional regulation. All of the materials will be included, and instructions given on how to make the tools at home! This is a very fun and popular group loved by kids.

Cost: $480

See schedule for dates