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Group Format

Currently, we are not offering group therapy at AboutPlay. If you are interested in having your child work in a small outdoor group with one or two other children, please contact us and make a note of your request. We will do our best to accommodate the needs of those interested. For this format, a rate of $113/50 minutes (2 children) or $88/50 minutes (3 children) will apply. 

Group therapy services are typically offered throughout the year at AboutPlay, and are always led by a therapist.  We help to create, build on, and scaffold social interactions, establish comfort being in a group, improve sensory processing skills, improve self-regulation skills, and more.

We have a range of fun themes, including yoga, rhythm and movement, crafting, outdoor lovers’, hiking, and superheroes. We currently serve ages 5-10. We have a very low child to adult ratio for support as needed, usually averaging 3:1 and sometimes 2:1.

Pricing for the group is $60/session for the weekly groups, and $100 for the therapeutic group hikes. Forms are provided with group therapy codes for insurance reimbursement.

5 Week Group Cost $300

6 Week Group Cost $360

8 Week Group Cost $480

Hiking Group Cost $100

See schedule for dates