The team at AboutPlay, and specifically Alicia Wesley-Smith, have changed our family.  They’ve helped us learn what makes our son the magical boy he is.  Alicia has a bond with him like no one else.  They clicked right away, and watching them together has been one of the most heartwarming experiences I’ve had as a parent.  She sees him – not as a sum of his behaviors – she sees right into his soul and helps him show the world how amazing he is.  She hears him – not just his humming or scripted storytelling – she hears what he means to say and helps him express himself.  When he arrives for OT, Alicia knows immediately if he’s had a good night’s sleep the night before or if he’s particularly over/under-stimulated for the day; and no matter his state of mind, she can get him to engage.  From body mapping and rocking to sensory crafts and exercises, Alicia takes time to teach us how to integrate her techniques at home and is always ready with a suggestion for any of the challenges autism sends our way.



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