Kate started working with my daughter several years ago when we had to switch from an OT we had been seeing for over five years. Kate helped make the tricky transition seamless, and she got to know and understand my daughter and her sensory profile quickly. In addition, she started working on other areas that are challenging for my daughter, including anxiety and unintegrated reflexes. She brought a whole new level of work to my daughter’s occupational therapy. As my daughter has aged and her needs have changed and matured, Kate’s approach with her has grown, as well. Kate listens to parent and client feedback and tries to make my teenager feel comfortable, in control,  and as if her time is well spent in OT. Kate willingly works with our other therapists and school when we need a team approach and support. I also appreciate Kate’s interest in continued professional development and exploration of new ways to support children and their families. We’ve also had great appointments with Maggie when we needed scheduling options. About Play has been a great benefit to my daughter and our family.



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